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Research papers take a lot of time to write considering that you also need to allocate enough time for research and source validation. Essay Rabbit can assist you with your research paper writing needs.

Research papers are the bane of every student's existence. There is no subject or course that would not require a student to write a research paper. Writing a good research paper takes a lot of time and effort. The simple act of finding and choosing a topic worthy to be researched is time-consuming. The research itself requires you to spend time determinedly sifting through books and journals both in physical and online libraries alike. Needless to say, students with already hectic schedules simply don’t have the time. Essay Rabbit is here to alleviate your problems with our custom research papers.

Writing your research paper

Writing a research paper, as you may well know, is no easy feat. Nonetheless, it is doable. We've gathered some tips and tricks in case you need it:

  • Step 1: 
    Understand your assignment. Although quite obvious, one of the biggest hurdles to writing a research paper is when a student does not understand the assignment. Ensure that you’ve done your best to understand every important detail, along with research paper formatting, citation style, and word count, to name a few.
  • Step 2:
    Find your subject and choose the topic for your research paper. Once you’ve finalized all details, choose a research paper topic you wish to write about. This may be assigned to you, however, but if that’s not the case, make sure that you choose a specific topic. Your research paper’s focus should be narrow and interesting to you. This will help make the research process easier, which is the hardest part. Our suggested list of top 100 research paper topics can come in handy.
  • Step 3:
    Begin your research. As you begin gathering information, keep in mind and list down where your resources are coming from. Make sure that they come from trustworthy sources, as your research paper should only be factual and based from other existing literature. To avoid being flagged with plagiarism, cite the information you used accordingly.
  • Step 4:
    Construct an outline. Having a collection of information is one thing and such data can be overwhelming. To organize your thoughts, structure them into an outline. Match all the information that fits together, ensuring that one thought flows well to the other. Making an effective outline means you'll have the perfect guide as you begin writing your research paper. The outline serves as the skeleton of your research paper upon which you will piece together the flesh (the content). 
  • Step 5:
    Write the draft. This is where the writing process begins. Remember that you are allowed to write multiple drafts, so don’t pressure yourself into writing a perfect research paper the first try. As you write, remember to not just attach your researched information; also include your own thoughts and conclusions. 
  • Step 6:
    Revise! Although nearing completion, your research paper will likely still be full of errors. Ensure that you read it thoroughly, checking for any mistakes on information presented or grammatical errors.

We understand, of course, that writing research papers can still be difficult. This is why we are here - to help students like you. The stress that comes with school requirements is no laughing matter. 

The quality custom research paper writing for you

Not only are our writers good at their craft, they are also qualified professionals who are guaranteed to deliver quality research papers on time. You will find that they are also professionals when it comes to their attitude in dealing with clients. Our writers consistently reach out to our clients for any questions, clarifications, or recommendations. Our writers are not like robots that will merely follow the instructions (what if there are inconsistencies in the instructions?); rather they will analyze its requirements and nuances from the beginning of the research process to the final writing stage. 

  1. 100% Plagiarism Free
    We all know that a good research paper is not only well-written, but must also be well-researched and well-cited. It must be original and 100% plagiarism free. Every college research paper that we write is uniquely written. You can count on our writers to know how to balance paraphrasing, direct quotation, and original ideas.
  2. Affordable prices
    There are many custom research paper writing services out there. Some tell you that they are the best, but are too expensive; while others are cheap but the quality is compromised. Here we aim for affordable pricing while not compromising topnotch quality. Moreover, first-time clients are entitled to a 10% discount, while our long-term clients enjoy a loyalty discount of 10% or higher (terms and conditions apply). These are the perks that we offer to some of our loyal return clients. Simply ask our customer service representatives about the discount.
  3. Efficient process
    You don’t need to worry about making mistakes with the details or with the security. The Essay Rabbit website was designed to be user-friendly so as to minimize any errors and thus save time. Our website is easy to use, but don’t be fooled because it is certified secure from any form of hacking and phishing.
  4. Revision Option
    If you find that your custom research paper does not meet your requirements, or simply needs some tweaking, you can simply send us a revision request stating your problem with the paper and we will take care of it. The revisions are free, as long as there are no additions or changes to the original instructions. Our process for revision requests is straightforward: after you send us a message, our Quality Assurance department will determine if the request is valid. Consequently, they also give guidance to the writers as to how to improve the paper.
  5. We trust only professional custom research paper writers
    We demand only the best from these writers, so it is only reasonable that we hire only the crème de la crème. This select group of writers is continuously encouraged to improve their skills and widen their horizons. In their own time, they read up on current literature about their respective fields, as well as update their knowledge of academic citation styles. We also have our editors check their papers to ensure that topnotch quality we are proud of.

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We know that you have been looking for the right writing service to help you with your college research paper, one that will protect your identity, and that will accommodate your questions and other needs. Your long search is now over. We are here to help you write the best research paper so that you can achieve all your goals. You can rest assured that our professional writers will give you the best custom research papers for any topic you need. Don’t be afraid to put our service to the test.

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