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College essays are a mainstay in a student’s academic life. Once a student enters the final four years of their education to be fit for employment, they can expect to write numerous essays in each class and semester. Writing an essay can be challenging even for the most competent students. An essay requires a student’s subjective use of the information they gathered through a lesson or discussion, meaning it’s not a simple question and answer scenario, but needs a student to express their thoughts thoroughly in paper. 

There are different types of essays, and every student needs to learn all of them if they want to have a competitive edge in college. Depending on the professor or class a student is taking, they may have to write all types of essays. To get a better sense of it, here are some of the common types of essays students write:

  1. Expository Essay - It is an informative piece of writing. An expository essay informs readers about facts and information, then it presents a balanced understanding of the topic from the writer’s perspective. This type of essay consists of mostly facts and never about the writer’s feelings or emotions. 

  2. Narrative Essay - The writer tells a story about a personal experience as vividly as possible. It is a given fact that a narrative essay is always written in first-person to engage readers to read on and give them a better sense of the writer’s point-of-view. A narrative essay is most of the time likened to creative non-fiction. By the end of a narrative essay, the writer must conclude with a personal statement. 

  3. Descriptive Essay - Somewhat similar to a narrative essay, in the sense that they both describe. A descriptive essay goes beyond describing a certain scenario by also describing a person, thing, place, or memory with a certain significance. It delivers a deeper meaning of the essay’s subject by describing them. The best way to write a descriptive essay by appealing to the readers’ emotions.

  4. Persuasive Essay - Similar to an expository essay, it provides facts and information to readers. However, it goes beyond intending to persuade readers into considering their recommendation and stance over a particular subject. With the use of facts, expert opinion, and sound reasoning, the writer must produce a clear discussion of his arguments to produce an effective persuasive essay.

Essay Writing Guide

It’s not always easy to write an essay. Not every student finds it easy to produce a well-rounded essay to submit to their professor overnight. Some may need help beyond their capabilities. With all that said, there’s no shame in asking friends or colleagues for help, or by simply looking up online “How to Write an Essay.”

If you found your way into this page, then you’re among those who need help with your college essay. Worry no more, we have a quick guide for you to follow. Here is a quick and easy guide in writing an essay:

  1. Choose a topic. The topic of your essay matters because it will give you an insight into what you want to discuss and what you should look up to write it effectively. Sometimes, the teacher provides the topic, but in the instance that they don’t, choose a topic that can help write your essay with ease. 

  2. Gather data and information. Data gathering is required in every academic essay you will write. It will help your paper be legitimate and plausible. An essay can easily be discredited if it’s proven to be false and harbors incorrect information. If it’s written through a personal storyline, then you’ll have less to worry about. In the end, you just have to convince your teacher that you wrote your essay with dignity. 

  3. Start with an outline. Writing an outline helps with organizing your thoughts into a carefully crafted structure. An essay consists of major parts: the introduction, the body, and a conclusion. You have to know what consists of the essay and which information and data go perfectly. The key to an effective essay is to allow readers to glide through your essay and consume as much information from it with ease. Side note, you must also write a captivating conclusion that will leave your readers with something to remember your essay with for a good few days.

  4. Write, edit, and proofread. Write your essay’s initial draft and then edit it to your heart’s content. Never pass an essay without looking back at it a few times over, editing it, and proofreading it. Make sure it is in its best condition before handing it over to your teacher. Editing is different from proofreading. Editing is writing, rewriting, and arranging the essay from its initial until it finally comes out as you want it to while proofreading is correcting any technical errors found in the essay, like ungrammatical sentences, spelling errors, and wrong punctuations. 

Essay Writing Services for College Students

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