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College applications are highly competitive nowadays. Your admission essay is your chance to show the college of your choice that you are a brilliant student and that you belong in their roster. Impress the admissions committee with a well-written college application essay with the help of our admission writers.

College nowadays is more competitive than ever. Good grades are not enough to get you to the school of your choice. Your grades, curriculum, and admission test scores all have to impress the admissions committee. However, one other factor can make or break your application to your dream college or university—your college essay. Are you ready to write your college essay?

What is a college essay and how do I write a good one?

You can look at your college essay as a personal essay. Your college’s admission committee uses your college essay to gauge other competencies that go beyond your academic grades. They look at how well you can write and express yourself, but they also want to see what kind of person you are, and by extension, what you can contribute to the college and course of your choice. While there will always be a set of topics you can choose from, the goal of the college essay is for you to show the admissions committee who you are and why you should be accepted in their school.

To achieve this, you need to carefully choose your topic. Pick the topic that you have experience with and you are most passionate about. Let this passion shine through in your writing by following this essay structure:

  • Introduction – As with any introduction, this paragraph should provide context to your topic and the part of yourself you will write about. This is also the place to mention the overall message of your essay or your answer to the prompt. However, if you are aiming for a more creative type of college essay, you may opt not to mention your aim. Make sure, though, that your context is clear.
  • Body - College essays are not as strict as academic research papers. You are allowed some level of creativity in your essay. So, as long as you stay within the specified word count, you may write multiple paragraphs or just one paragraph for your body. The goal here is to flesh out the details of your answer to the prompt.
  • Conclusion – The paragraph that ties the entire essay. This is where you wrap up your anecdote and insights and connect them to the prompt. You may choose to briefly recount the contents or insights from your essay’s body or simply jump to the insights that you want to impart.

You have the freedom to structure your college essay however you want. You can be as daring as you wish, as long as you address the prompt. If, however, you are not 100% sure about your skills in writing a creative college essay, stick to this foolproof essay structure. It is better to wow the admissions committee with your substance than to baffle them with unsuccessful tricks. This structure will keep your writing focused and will help you avoid the common mistakes below.

Common mistakes students make when writing a college essay

  • Procrastinating and cramming. Starting your college essay on the night before the deadline leaves you with stress and insufficient time to polish your work. Your college essay not the same as your high school essays—it needs to be planned out in advance and it needs to be revised and edited.
  • Not fully understanding the prompt. Some students go over the prompt once then proceed to write their college essay. This often leads to inaccurate interpretations of the prompt, which is disastrous for your application.
  • Using too many fancy words. A lot of students want to make it seem like they are smarter than they are. Admissions committees can see through such antics, so be truthful in your writing. There are other ways to show your intelligence.
  • Submitting your rough first draft. Your first draft will always be rough and full of errors. It needs to undergo numerous transformations to refine its point, structure, and writing style. Read and edit your essay over the course of a few days or weeks to weed out any errors and make sure you are conveying what you mean.
  • Going off-topic. It’s easy to stray from the topic in longer essays. But you can’t afford to go off-topic in a college essay. Every sentence you write must be carefully crafted, purposeful, and precise. 
  • Using cliched analogies or metaphors. Keep in mind that the college admissions committee reviews thousands of college essays yearly, so your essay will not stand out if you use the same analogy as 10 other applicants. Keep your college essay fresh and personal with unique analogies and metaphors.

Why should you get help from a college essay writing service?

  • Originality. Originality is important in a college essay. It must embody you as a person and stand out from the rest of the applications.
  • Help from a professional writer. Our writers not only have post-graduate degrees, but some of them also specialize in writing personal essays like the college essay. They can write a unique essay that will stand out among the rest.
  • Reliable customer support. College essays are tricky because they are deeply personal. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with relaying important communication between you and the writer. 
  • Affordable price. Quality writing services do not need to be expensive. With Essay Rabbit, you can get the college essay you want without burning a hole through your pocket. 
  • Simple website. Do not waste time figuring out how to place an order. Our website is easy to navigate. You can set your deadline, choose the number of pages, and provide your instructions in one order form.
  • Confidentiality. All information and transactions with Essay Rabbit will be kept as confidential.

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Much of your future depends on your college essay. Not only do you need to do your best, but you need to write your best college essay. Reflect well and plan your essay ahead of time. Avoid the common mistakes made by students and submit a college essay that will truly impress the college you want to get into. Do not take chances in your future by relying on other writing services. Get fast, trustworthy, and high-quality writing service from Essay Rabbit.

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