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A case study is a research approach which aims to apply in-depth investigation on a certain subject in order to resolve the identified problem. Case studies are usually used in the field of social science and medical science. A case study examines an event, place, phenomenon, person and other subjects that can help with extrapolating key themes are necessary in identifying and predicting future trends and exposing hidden issues. Case study is appropriate when you want to be able to contextualize a certain issue in your field so that you can properly propose solutions for it or apply what you have learned from it in your practice. 

When should you do a case study?

Case study is a tedious process which is why you must first identify if there is a e need for you to conduct a case study for the issue you have selected. Here are some of the elements you must look for when you are trying to decide whether to conduct a case study or not:

  • When the case presents an unusual trend. A case study is usually conducted when a certain case present a subject that was not fully resolved or was briefly mentioned in previous investigations but may pave way to new ways of understanding the issue.
  • When the case offers a significant insight that can highlight previously unnoticed problems. An in-depth review of a case may be focused on the premise that the case study may uncover patterns or problems not identified in previous research or disclose new and significant consequences for practice. 
  • When it is thought-provoking and challenges long-establish practices. Over time, work on any given subject may fall into a trap of forming conclusions based on old studies that are still being applied to new or evolving trends. There has always been a notion that something should simply be accepted as part of the norm even though the problem has not been thoroughly tested in current practices.
  • When your research paper might help solve the newly discovered issue. Can the results of your investigation lead to findings that may reveal new techniques of solving an existing or emerging problem. 

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