Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are tricky as it requires several supporting evidences to make your argument strong. If you are having a hard time with data gathering and can't start the writing process, it is time to get a writing assistance from us.

Argumentative essays are often being required by professors on almost all subjects. What is it and why is it famous? If you have not heard of argumentative essay, it is an essay with the intention to persuade the readers to take your side on a certain issue. Argumentative essays require you to take a strong stand regarding a certain issue and being able to support and defend it. If you are the type of person who is not really good at persuading people, then you might feel worried about writing an argumentative essay. If this is the case, keep in mind that even if you are not good in persuasion, you can still ace your argumentative essay by properly structuring you argumentative essay.

Structure of an argumentative essay

What is the proper structure of a strong argumentative essay? 

  • Introduction - In your introduction, you shall provide a brief contextualization about your topic. Introduce your readers to the issue by identifying and explaining it as well as discussing the trends and phenomenon surrounding it. In some essays, it is good to mention your stand early on the introduction but for other essays it is best to mention it to the body—this depends on the complexity of your issue. If you want your essay to appeal strong, state your stand in your thesis statement. 
  • Body - Your essay body should contain your main argument and supporting argument along with facts. You shall be as detailed as possible in your body. Do not forget that whenever you are making a claim, it shall always be followed by facts. In that way you can establish to the readers that your argumentative essay is credible and that the readers should listen to your stand. 
  • Conclusion - Try to resolve the issue in your conclusion. Discuss why your stand about the issue is correct and how it will help resolve the issue. You have to wrap up your whole argument in your conclusion accurately and concisely as this will be the part that will make or break your essay, so be careful with how you write your conclusion. 

Common problems when writing an argumentative essay

Argumentative essays are different from persuasive essays and most students unknowingly write a persuasive essay even though they are intending to write an argumentative essay. Why does this happen? Here are some of the common problems students encounter when writing an argumentative essay:

  • Gathering facts and finding enough support. One of the trickiest part in writing an argumentative essay is its pre-writing process. Data gathering is one of the most tedious step in writing an argumentative essay since you have to gather facts for each claim you want to discuss in your essay. Not having enough support for your claims will render your essay weak or even invalid. It is best to dig deep on the issue, read a lot of texts about it before forming your argument. 
  • Having a contradicting argument. Be wary of your claims and your sentence structure. More often than not, you might overlook small details regarding the issue but you have to be careful as the details you might overlook might result to you contradicting your own argument. There are times when we get overwhelmed by information that we find it hard to organize our ideas and that could lead to inconsistent claims. Do not forget to proofread your work to avoid this situation.§
  • Not reader-friendly. Another effective way to get readers to agree with you is by using the perfect tone for your target audience. The tone of your essay can help you make your argumentative essay stronger. Your tone can also convince the readers that your essay is indeed credible. When your tone is not suitable to your target readers, readers tend to stop reading midway—if this happens, then your effort would be wasted. If your professors would have a hard time reading your essay, your grades might suffer.
  • Putting your own opinion. You might think that argumentative essay is all about defending your own opinion about a certain issue but this is a common misconception. When writing an argumentative essay, you must make an informed opinion when making a stand. An informed opinion means educating yourself first regarding an issue and forming an articulate argument regarding the facts you have gathered. Sometimes, your personal opinion about a certain issue might be different from your stand when you write an argumentative essay. 

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