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Most students fear writing an analytical essay due to its complexity. Most professors require students to write an analytical essay when they want to know how students perceive certain issues or if they want to test how students will apply certain theories and concepts that were taught them during the entire semester. Analytical essay is a great type of essay for when you want to express your opinion on certain issues, it can also be used in discussing an in-depth analysis about literary texts. How do you write an analytical essay?

General guidelines in writing an analytical essay

There are two kinds of analytical essay; one is used for analyzing issues under humanities social sciences and the other is used for analyzing literary texts under the field of arts and literature.

Analytical essays on humanities and social sciences

Analytical essays on humanities and social sciences follow the trends, issues, observations, conclusion format also known as TIOC. Before discussing the TIOC, do not forget to write your thesis statement, topic sentence, and hook. Here are some tips on how to structure an analytical essay using the TIOC format:

  • Trends - What are the phenomena surrounding your topic? Gather evidences to support your discussion. Include this in your introduction
  • Issues - Identify the issue in your chosen topic. What is the problem and what was its root cause? Introduce the readers to the issue and provide a brief contextualization. Include this in your introduction. 
  • Observations - State what you have observed regarding the issue and how the trends affected the issue, this is the part where you express your own take regarding the issue. Do not forget to support your opinion with some facts. Discuss all the applicable theories or concepts in your topic. Include this in your body. 
  • Conclusion - What can be derived from the whole discussion? What are the possible solutions? Discuss it in the concluding part of your essay.

Analytical essay on arts and literature

Analytical essays on arts and literature has a different formula since it is an in-depth analysis of literary texts. It starts with a brief introduction about the literary piece and about its author before discussing the essential elements. Here are the essential elements that must be discussed in an analytical essay on literature:

  • Tone - Identify and discuss the author’s attitude towards the readers. How do they talk to the readers?
  • Writing style - How does the author compose the sentences? Is it straightforward? Is it figurative? What is the author’s word choices?
  • Mood - What are the emotions being evoked by the author as the story is unfolding? 
  • Voice of the author - What is the author’s own style? What sets him apart from the other authors? What makes his own writing styles unique that it makes his literary pieces significant?
  • Do not forget to dissect paragraphs. Each paragraph holds an important symbolism that completes the story, overlooking a single paragraph may change the whole message of the story so it is important that you dissect and discuss each paragraph. 
  • Discuss the hidden messages. Read between the lines, what are the messages that are hiding under figurative language or other literary devices? It is imperative that you discuss hidden messages as these are what makes the literary text special. 

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